Tuscan tradition since 1488

ALMONDS 30%, candied orange peel( orange peel, glucose- fructose syroup, sugar, natural flavours, Acidifying: E330), WHEAT flour, sugar, candied citron ( citron, glucose- fructose syrup, sugar, Acidifying: E330), candied lemon peel ( lemon peel, glucose- fructosesyroup, sugar, natural flavours, Acidifying: E330), honey 1%, cinnamon, nutmeg, wafer ( patato starc, water, olive oil), natural flavours ( vanilla), icing sugar _8 sucrose, cornstarch) - origin of ingredients EU and non EU - cautions: this product contains GLUTEN ( wheat), ALMONDS, and may contain traces of other nuts ingredients ( HAZELNUTSAND WALNUTS), EGG, MILK( butter), and SOY

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